Thursday, 24 April 2014

Hoof pastern axis as demonstrated by Holly

I seem to be running to catch up this week - late blogs and too much to put on them, masses of video clips that I haven't had time to upload yet and photos in desperate need of sorting out and no time for that either.

Its the effect of the bank holidays, or at least thats what I am giving myself as an excuse...Apologies to all those who are waiting for updates - I will get there as soon as I can...
 I promised an update on Holly and here it is. She has been here nearly 8 weeks and like many horses has hind limb issues as well as front limbs issues. Her 3 week update photos are here and show how she had begun to improve her poor medio-lateral balance.
You can see from the top photo of her LF how she also had a broken back hoof pastern axis. In my experience this is always linked to a weak palmar hoof and typically as the palmar hoof (particularly the frog and digital cushion) strengthens and develops the hoof pastern axis improves as well, as is shown by the 3 week photo above.
Today, at nearly 8 weeks, the palmar hoof is better supported still. The hoof pastern axis is much better and notice that the hairline is also less distorted than in the initial photo. 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tour of the tracks

I hope you had a great Easter weekend - the weather down here was absolute perfection which isn't something you can normally say of bank holidays in the UK.
I have masses to post on the blog this week, including updates on Holly, Gem and Jennie and some lovely photos and video clips which have come in of former rehabs but before all that I thought you might enjoy this.

While SB was down over Easter I took advantage of his excellent quad-driving skills to do some filming. We toured the tracks on the quad and took the camcorder with us.
Track from Nic Barker on Vimeo.
It takes quite a long time to drive round the whole thing so I have edited the footage so that it runs at double the actual speed  - hope you find it entertaining. For info, this was taken in the evening, hence all the horses are on the grass.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Heel first demo by Pete

 Couldn't resist posting these superb photos of Pete, who went home in February. I've been kindly given permission to post them here by Diane Ashford at Paws and Pose Photography (her Facebook page is here) and I thought they made a perfect post for the Easter weekend.
I absolutely love this shot  - what a fantastic partnership and what a gorgeous setting. And just to remind you, this is how Pete landed when he arrived here in his shoes back in December last year...
Happy Easter everyone, enjoy the sunshine and I hope you all have as much fun as these two over the next few days!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

RRR 2014 goes LIVE!

Exciting news from Krista  - yes the RRR 2014 website is now live, open and ready for bookings :-)
The site is here: and its looking great - huge thanks to Krista for pulling it out of the bag once again!
We had such a blast last year - those of us who were there are already looking forward to getting together again and there will also be plenty of new faces as well. 
We're also having an "open day" on Saturday afternoon for anyone who is interested in coming along, meeting us and the horses and finding out more about barefoot and rehab - no doubt there will be plenty of tea and cake consumed then as well - so if you'd like to come to that or to the whole event just get on the website
We have space for only 30 horses (if you bring your horse you also automatically get your camping place) and numbers for the open day are also limited. 
There are loos and showers on site and there may be the option of staying in caravans if there is enough interest  - the RRR Facebook page is a good place to go for updates on this and practicalities like transport.
The cost is discounted til the end of July (the open day is free, we just need your name and contact details) so its worth booking before then if you can. 
 See you there :-)

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Dressage, XC, endurance...

...the ex-rehabs can do it all! More fab updates came in over the weekend along with some cracking photos and proof if proof were needed of the multi-disciplinary talent which can be found amongst the former rehab horses!  
 Here is Lucy (who was here in 2011) competing BE with Amanda and absolutely flying. I always had a feeling that she would be an incredible event horse and its great to see that promise being fulfilled!
Krista and Buddy are also doing brilliantly and looking amazingly elegant. I think this could be a very exciting year for these two!
Last of the photos, and here is dear Ginger (whom I blogged about last week as well), aged 21 and obviously feeling extremely well, bless him. 

Finally but without pics, great news on Paddy (who was here last year and also had a kissing spine op) who competed in a 20 mile endurance ride at the weekend, apparently trotting and cantering most of the way and finishing with a heart rate of 42bpm. Well done everyone and keep up the good work :-)

Monday, 14 April 2014

Brigitte's big day

Last week saw a red letter day for Brigitte, who has been here longer than most rehab horses but who had found it incredibly difficult to improve how she was landing in front.
However after all sorts of ups and downs she finally has a consistent heel first landing on all four feet - thank goodness! 
Its taken much longer for her than for most horses so its fantastic to see her at last engaging the back of her feet. 
And here is how they look now (below) compared to when she first arrived. 
Quite a change, I hope you will agree, and no trimming required. 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Clementina's 3 week update

Clementina has been here for 3 weeks - so naturally its time for an update. She arrived from Gloucestershire and had come out of shoes 5 months previously - her original post is here
Her landing was adequate when we first filmed her and it enabled us to work her immediately on tougher surfaces. Although her toe is still long, if you compare her heels and the back of her foot today the improvement is clear.
The most noticeable changes in her sole shots are the straighter and stronger bars and healthier sole.  

Similar changes are evident on her RF - again the long toe needs to come back and that should start to happen over the next few weeks. 

More on Clementina soon!